Lecture 4 Notes

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Media and Communication Studies
MACS 110
Sherry Yu

MACS 110: Introduction to Communication Theories Prof: Sherry Yu University of the Fraser Valley Fall 2013 Term Week 4: Mass Society Theory  Media as one of many disruptive forces  Observed social change media brought  Speculated Media’s influence Propaganda Theory  Media is the disruptive force  Analyzes media content  Speculated Media’s influence Propaganda  No hold/barred use of communication to propagate specific beliefs and expectations (pg. 76)  White Propaganda o Simple, positive o Selective images o Public initiated  Grey Propaganda o Promotion using Misleading images and associations o Source may be unknown  Black Propaganda o Deliberate false images or associations o Sources are concealed Magic Bullet Theory  Based on Behaviourism  People are conditioned – act and rewarded  Propaganda powerful to infiltrate most individuals defenses  Conditions individuals to act in ways useful to who is releasing propaganda Propaganda Theorists  Lasswell o white propaganda beats black o science of
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