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Chapter 8 Social Psychology Prosocial BehaviourAn act performed with goal of benefitting anotherAltruism desire to help another even if it involves costs or no benefits in returnoThey get to feel good about itPure altruism hard to achieve pure Or is helping really selfservingKitty Genovee oCatalyst for research on bystander effect She was attacked on the street for 35 minutes No one helpedBut people do care and do want to help 911 tragedy giving to charities giving blood etcWhy do people help Evolutionary Psychology suggests that its instincts and genesKin selection kin protection We are more likely to help those who are family or share similar genes than strangersThis behavior helps to promote the survival of our genesSocial Exchange Rewards and CostsBehave in ways to maximize rewards minimize costsReduced stress feels goodApproval think well of those that are helpfulBut costs time danger and moneyReciprocity norm that we tend to balance help because if we do favors for them we might get help later on but not alwaysAltruistic Maybeif empathyMood dependentChapter 9 AggressionPhysical or verbal behavior intended to hurt anotherProximate immediate intent to cause harmViolenceMost familiar form of aggressionViolence is aggression that has extreme harm as its goal ie death serious injury oUsually physical formAre we more violent today than at other points in historyAvailability heuristic through social media we hear about it moreWe are not any more violent If anything less soDo we commit more violence todayNo we keep it mostly to ourselvesVideo Steven Pinker 2007 TEDViolence has declined since ancestors timeFractal phenomena thTurned after the 16 century Realistic eraoEnglandHolland1615 chance of dying by another hand in tribal warfareoStates very minimalKill the men boys included kill the nonvirgins and keep the virgins to yourselves to rape MosesMutilation and torture was a common punishmentNumerous sadistic punishments set by statesCruelty most common source of entertainmentoCat tied to a sling and lowered into a flame to die Spectators laughing and enjoyingWe have better reporting The easier it is to access information about something the more wePeople got sick of their violence and behaviorviolence reducedWe look at how low people sink rather than how high our morals have risenThomas HobbesRustling in basement grab a weapon Worry about killing someone in fear of how the neighbours will think of you Make your threat credible and peace will come evidence to prove your defenseYou will retaliate savagely if invaded firstHobbes solution leviathanLife was cheap Less value in life just barely living day to day will make you more likely to inflict violence against someone else vs today technology makes life worth living
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