FNAT2703 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Dipylon Master, Geometric Art, Krater

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29 Jul 2016
Lecture 5
INTRODUCTION "For we are lovers of the beautiful, yet with simplicity, and we cultivate the
mind without loss of manliness...We are the school of Greece" Pericles, fifth century BCE Greek
Art - Art History Example Whereas the Egyptians lived their lives according to their obsession
with the afterlife, the Greeks represent the first major civilization that lived their lives based
upon the concept of humanism.
The Greek humanist view was what led them to create a democracy and what encouraged their
unparalled contributions to the fields of art, literature, and science.
HISTORY: Two major groups, the Dorians and the Ionians, were the earliest people to create
strong kinship groups based upon language and common beliefs.
Divided geographically, the early Greeks created small, independent city-states.
Throught the years, an intense military, political and commercial rivalry will evolve between the
330-31 B.C.E. Geometric Period Geometric Period - Art History Example Vase Painting-Very
typical of this period were large funerary vases designed to hold votive offferings.
Decoration consisted primarily of abstract forms arranged in registers that surrounded the
Artists emphasized flat patterns and outline shapes that represented human forms in various
poses of anquish.
Dipylon Vase Dipylon Master, from Dipylon Cemetary, c750 BCE Attic Geometric Krater, from
Dipylon Cemetary,, c740 BCE Hero and Centaur,, c750 BCE Orientalizing Vase Painting-Patterns
used to decorate vases were larger and more open than geometric styles.
Figures were real and imaginary in animal and human form.
This pattern of design reflects a strong influence of motifs from the Near east, Asia Minor, and
Wine Pitcher, from Rhodes, c650-625 BCE Statuary-There are very few examples of statuary
from this time period.
Lady of Auxerre, is the best example with its triangular flat-topped head with stylized strands of
hair, that compliment the triangular pattern used for the facial shape.
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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