SOCI1513 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Media Studies, Communication Studies, Content Analysis

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1 Aug 2016
Lecture 15
It is possible to do sociological research without directly
involving humans at all.
In documentary research, all information is collected
from texts and documents.
The texts and documents can be either written, pictorial,
or visual in form.
The material used can be categorized as primary sources,
which are original materials that are not created after the
fact with the benefit of hindsight, and secondary sources
that cite, comment, or build upon primary sources.
Typically, sociological research on documents falls under
the cross-disciplinary purview of media studies, which
encompasses all research dealing with television, books,
magazines, pamphlets, or any other human-recorded
Regardless of the specific media being studied, they are
referred to as texts.
Media studies may draw on traditions from both the
social sciences and the humanities, but mostly from its
core disciplines of mass communication, communication,
communication sciences, and communication studies.
Researchers may also develop and employ theories and
methods from disciplines including cultural studies,
rhetoric, philosophy, literary theory, psychology, political
economy, economics, sociology, anthropology, social
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