SOCI1513 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Human Resource Management, Public Sociology, Human Ecology

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1 Aug 2016
Lecture 8
Researchers often differentiate between "Pure" and
"Applied" research.
Presumably, pure research has no direct ends than
adding to the knowledge pool, whereas applied research
is put toward some practical end, such as working for a
marketing firm to understand the relationship between
race and consumption patterns or working for a
government agency to study the reasons why poverty
continues to exist.
Of course, the line between pure and applied research is
often blurred.
"Pure" researchers in a university might get government
funding to do their research projects, which somewhat
complicates their commitment to do pure research.
Outside the academic world, sociologists apply their skills
in a variety of settings.
Here, we will discuss the possibilities of applied sociology
and one subfield, clinical sociology.
Sociologists can be found working in a wide range of
fields, including organizational planning, development,
and training; human resource management; industrial
relations; marketing; public relations; organizational
research; and international business.
In all these instances, they apply sociological theories
and methods toward understanding social relations and
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