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Lecture 10

COMM 300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Veranda, Malicious Prosecution, Solomon Lew

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COMM 300
Paul Lester

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- Fabrizio works at the Silk Nights Lingerie Shop in Polo Park Shopping Mall in
Winnipeg. Despite being the store's leader in sales, he was not Silk Nights' most highly
paid employee. In an effort to draw public support for his demand for higher wages,
Fabrizio staged a picket inside of the mall when he was not working. Susana, who is
employed by the mall as a security guard, was directed to remove Fabrizio from the
premises. When he refused to leave voluntarily, she firmly took hold of his arm and led
him out onto the street. Which of the following statements is TRUE
o Susana was entitled to use reasonable force to remove Fabrizio from the premises
- Regulations are in place at Toronto’s Pearson Airport to control the operation of taxi
cabs. Daniel simply ignored those regulations. He was a persistent “scooper” who
routinely picked up passengers at the airport even though he did not have a permit. He
was charged more than twenty times with trespassing, but he simply shrugged off the
fines. The airport authorities therefore decided to take more drastic measures. During
one of Daniel’s frequent visits, an airport inspector attempted to make a citizen’s arrest.
A scuffle occurred after the inspector put his hand on Daniel's shoulder and tried to detain
him. Daniel knocked the inspector down and fled the scene. The airport inspector had
acted under s 9(1) of the Trespass to Property Act, which says that a “police officer, or
the occupier of premises, or a person authorized by the occupier may arrest without
warrant any person he or she believes
o none of the above
- Jack and his friends were dining at Daniel's Kentucky Home restaurant. Along with the
meal, Jack had ordered several bottles of alcohol for he and his friends to share. When the
clock struck midnight, Louella, the waitress who had served Jack's table, correctly
informed Jack that she was required by law to remove a bottle of whisky that had been
opened, but not consumed. Jack initially protested, but eventually was persuaded by his
friends to give up possession of the bottle. He became very angry, however, when
Louella returned a few minutes later with the bottle (which she had re-capped) and a bill
that included a charge for the whisky in question. Jack angrily refused to pay for the
disputed bottle. He stuck his business card onto the bottle with a piece of tape, paid for
the rest of the meal, and began to leave. Before he could get out of the restaurant,
however, Louella directed several other employees to lock the door. Jack and his friends
were able to leave only after the police arrived about an hour later. Which of the
following statements is TRUE
o Louella is liable for the tort of false imprisonment
- The Scholar's Diner is located at the edge of a college campus. Not surprisingly, most of
its customers are college students. And most of those students are law-abiding patrons.
There is, however, a substantial number of students who frequently "dine-and-dash."
They sneak out the restaurant's back door after they have eaten, but before they have paid
for their meals. Lily is one of those students. Which of the following statements is TRUE
o none of the above
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