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Comm 300
Paul Lester

- Omicron Inc claims that a municipal bylaw violates its right to equality under section 15(1) of the Charter. Section 15(1) states: "Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination" based on various grounds. The company will lose its argument because o although some parts of the Charter apply to corporations, section 15(1) is limited to "individuals" and therefore cannot apply to Omicron - A court recently found, as a matter of fact, that a party's ability to advertise was restricted. In some circumstances, such a restriction violates section 2(b) of the Charter. Ultimately, however, the court's decision did not allow the affected party to advertise as it wished. Which of the following statements may explain that end result o all of the above - The notwithstanding clause o all of the above - Subordinate legislation o is practically necessary because it is impossible for legislators to constantly monitor all of their statutes - The Town of Blackville created a set of rules for the licencing of businesses. Which of the following statements is likely TRUE o all of the above - Which of the following statements is TRUE o The territories have legislatures, but not senates  The legislature in each and every province and territory is called the Legislative Assembly  Parliamentary bills are always introduced in the House of Commons before being sent to the Senate - Which of the following statements is TRUE with respect to municipalities o none of the above - Which of the following statements is TRUE o Regulations, statutory instruments, ordinances, and Orders-in-Council are types of subordinate legislation  The Prime Minister is the person who leads the party that has the most number of senators  Before a bill becomes a federal law, it must receive royal proclamation, which is given by the Governor General on behalf of the Queen - Hughes Inc hired Liz to act as the chief architect for a major shopping development. After about a year, however, the parties’ relationship began to deteriorate and the situation quickly became intolerable and irreparable. Each side blamed the other. Hughes Inc sued Liz for breach of contract. Liz defended that claim and started a counterclaim in which she alleged that Hughes Inc had broken their agreement. The dispute was eventually resolved through arbitration. Which of the following statements is TRUE o Even if both parties are based in Manitoba, even if the contract was signed in Manitoba, and even if the shopping development was intended to be located in Man
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