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Absorption II

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BIOL 1840U
Peter Cheung

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Outline of Lecture 27 (05-13 A; Raben) Absorption II (fats) Luminal Phase 1) EMULSIFICATION by gastric motility - Physical event to generate small fat droplets 2) LIPOLYSIS by pancreatic enzymes - Lingual lipase: cleaves short TGs, only important in infants - Pancreatic lipase: cleaves 1 and 3 position of TG, active at fat-water interface, large reserve and colipase protect lipase against bile acid inactivation - Phospholipase A2: cleaves 2 position of phospholipid - Non-specific esterases: e.g. cholesterol esterase 3) SOLUBILIZATION by bile salts - Bile salts form mixed micelles with FFA’s and 2-MG’s 4) DIFFUSION to the mucosa - Increased concentration of solubilized FA drives flux to mucosal cell - Some fatty material does not require hydrolysis but only micellar solubilization - Small FA do not require solubilization; they diffuse directly to mucosa Mucosal Phase 1) UPTAKE - TGs are completely hydroly
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