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Protein Requirement

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BIOL 2050U
Peter Cheung

Protein Requirement  Growing people / production of new cells → youngest age group have highest requirement  Pregnant woman / growing fetus and organs / lactation (milk is rich in protein)  Adults / maintenances / synthesis of Hb, enzymes, hormones → lower requirement with age Glycogen Loading And The Enhancement Of Athletic Performance  High carbohydrate diet (long before exercise) / more glycogen in muscles / more can be broken down to glucose / prolonged rate of respiration / longer but not faster exercise Concept Of A Balanced Diet And Problems Which Arise From Vegetarian And Weight-Loss Diets  Balanced diet: correct amounts and properties of all/essential nutrients  Fat in diet: makes foot tasty and → encourages eating / rather stored than used as respiratory substrate / provides essential fatty acids → must be in diet / provides more energy than the same mass of carbohydrates  VEGETARIAN DIETS o Based on cereal grains, vegetables o Total energy yield may be reduced (-) o Must contain more protein to provide the supply for essential amino acids o Shortage of vitamin B12 and D, iron (→anaemia), zinc possible  WEIGHT LOSS DIETS o Obesity → energy imbalance → energy intake with food > energy expenditure in exercise o Use of muscle and other tissue proteins for energy production - causing wasting o SYMPTOMS: tooth decay / low blood pressure / constipation / menstruation ceasing o INCREAS
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