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Role Of Vitamins

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BIOL 2050U
Peter Cheung

Role Of Vitamins With Respect To Vitamin D And Of Inorganic Ions Illustrated By Fe And Ca Provided in fresh vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, fruit Vitamins Decrease appetite / minimises risk of constipation Vitamin D Involved in metabolism of calcium Essential in the diet but required in small amounts Calcium - In bones, teeth, small amounts in tissues, body fluids - Important for synapses - During lactation, women tend to eat more → automatic increase in calcium intake Iron Synthesis of Hb, used by enzymes ≈30% in the body can be stored The Path Of Iron Through The Body  Absorbed from the gut and stored  Used for physiological requirements (Hb, enzymes)  Lost in blood, urine, rubbed off intestinal epithelial cells by food People Who Are Vulnerable To A Deficiency Of Iron:  People with a high physiological requirement for iron  Children with late weaning and inappropriate infant food  Growing people \ children and pregnant women  Women of reproductive age / menstruation / loss of blood \ iron  Old people / absorb iron poorly  People who drink too much tea / tannin inhibits absorption of iron from gut Dietary Requirements Concept Of Basal
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