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Lecture 5

BUSI 3410U Lecture 5: Lecture 5

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BUSI 3410U
Bin Chang

Lecture 5: The Bond Market Financial Institutions Bond and Bond Market Debt Instruments Money market (short term) Corporate promissory notes and Tbills o Commercial Paper o Bankers Acceptance Loans Mainly banks but also Trust and Loan companies and insurance companies o Normally shorter term with a single issuer (except syndicated loan market) Syndicated loan large loan in which a group of banks provide funds for a borrower, usually several but without joint liability o Basic interest rate is Prime plus spread Bonds marketable long term loans o Notes , 510 years; bonds thereafter o Usually issued to many lenders and placed through securities firm Issuers GOC (note Canada Savings Bond (CSB) are not really bonds as they are cashable and non transferable) o Provinces and municipalities o Govt agencies (CMHC, Ontario Hydro successor) o Corporations o Nonresidents Maple bond market (A Canadian dollar denominated bond that is sold in Canada by foreign financial institutions and companies) Gives domestic investors, the opportunity to invest in foreign companies without worrying about the effects of currency exchange fluctuations Purchasers mainly institutions o Insurance companies, pension funds, bond funds Composition of the Canadian Bond Market Canada agencies 42.5 Provincial 27.6 Municipal 1.3 Corporations o AAA AA rated 10.2 o A rated 13.5 o BBB rated 4.9 Total Corporations 28.6 Total Index 100 Trustee Trust company acts as a trustee to make sure terms of the bond are upheld o
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