CHEM 1010U Lecture Notes - Thermal Energy, Isolated System, Heat Capacity

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25 Nov 2012

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System: part of the universe chosen for study. It can be as large as all the oceans on earth or as small as the contents of a beaker. Surroundings: part of the universe outside the system with which the system interacts: open system: free exchanges energy and matter with its surroundings, closed system: can exchange energy with its surroundings, but not matter. Isolated system: does not interact with its surroundings. Work: done when a force acts through a distance. Moving objects do work when they slow down or are stopped. Kinetic energy: the energy of a moving object. Potential energy: due to condition, position, or composition; it is an energy associated with forces of attraction or repulsion between objects. Thermal energy: kinetic energy associated with random molecular motion. When the potential energy in the ball is converted to kinetic energy found in the ball, the surface and the surrounding air.