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Lecture 3

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CURS 4200U
Diana Petrarcha

Agenda, Resources and Teaching Strategies: Time Agenda Teaching and Learning Required Assessment Item/Topic Strategy Reading and/or Preparation Hmmm?? Dramatization NA Observation 1:10-1:20pm "If you fail to plan, you plan - for reactions of 3:10-3:20pm to fail." TCs - for understanding during debriefing of "dramatization" 1:20 - 2:50pm Backwards Read over LP Observation Lecture - Direct 3:20 - 4:50pm Design Instruction of...Lesson assignment on - for Planning using Backwards home page - understanding of Design or Design Down see "yellow" task homework - (Wiggins & McTighe) section from *** Today's detailed lesson participatiowith incorporates a variety of previous classpartner strategies that are embedded in theVERY LONG and Q & A DETAILED PPT below (in - accuracy of responses resources) - (PLEASE note - PPT misconceptions presentations should never about reflection be this long, however, the - look for questions, strategies, and hesitations, tasks for today's lesson are questions embedded in great detail within this ppt). - "plan with the end in mind" A lecture is an oral presentation of information during which the learner is responsible for taking appropriate notes. A lecture provides an opportunity for students to develop and practise listening and note-taking skills. This teacher/presenter- centred format is well suited to transmit information within time constraints and to provide whole groups with structured knowledge or step-by- step skill instruction. Lectures appeal to auditory learners, and to visual learners when visual learning aids accompany the oral presentation. The teacher: •organizes, plans, and delivers information to be presented; •provides a classroom environment conducive to listening; •provides various structures to assist students in developing listening and note-taking skills; •models a variety of note-taking strategies, such as an anticipation guide or mind map. Lectures: •tend to limit student participation and active involvement; •may be difficult for ESL students or those with limited vocabulary (and may benefit from the use of visuals in such cases). Examples: •Expectation: demonstrate an understanding of the historical development of one or more world dance forms (TT2.02) Activity: The teacher gives a mini- lecture to introduce the roots of jazz dance and a brief overview of its development. Students proceed to work on indivi
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