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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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CURS 4200U
Diana Petrarcha

October 31, 2012  Corners Activity  Concept Attainment  Dice Consolidation -> roll it once to determine which group, then roll again to determine which student has to answer the question Week 6: October 29th and 31st, 2012 Agenda, Resources and Teaching Strategies: Time Agenda Teaching and Learning Strategy Required Assessment Item/Topic Reading and/or Preparation 10:10 - Pick a Corners NA Observe TCs' 10:45 Title! Description choices for This is an activity that involves selected corners; am students moving to one of four Circulate and corners of a room according to listen to their agreement/disagreement interactions, to a given statement. This rationale for activity means students are up selecting and moving around and particular corner; interacting with other people. listen for specific The activity works best with reference to 'value' or 'opinion' statements options WITH and is often best at the rationale. beginning and end of a unit to Select random see how students' views have volunteer from changed or evolved. each part of room Required: to highlight key  4 sheets of paper with the reasons for group words (Strongly Agree, members' choices Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree).  You can modify the statements by using these 4 titles of songs, books, characters, movies, etc.  Sticky tack to put on paper to attach to wall Process:  Put a statement on the white/black board (or overhead projector). The statement has to be such that there could be varying degrees of personal agreement/disagreement with it.  Students read statement.  Upon teacher instruction, they move to the corner of the room by the sign that best represents their view.  They chat with the other students in their 'corner' and explain/debate their position.  This can go on for 5-10 minutes.  Modify: You can ask a few students from one group (e.g., strongly agree) to go to another group to convince them otherwise (e.g., disagree group).  Modify: You can ask each original group to prepare a 1 minute statement indicating why they went to that corner. More on Corners (handout) What is Concept Attainment 10:45- NA Observe for 11:15am ________?. Concept attainment description from understanding of Texas Tech University [Word doc opens in task at onset; a new window.] seek questions; Concept Attainment Description from Saskatoon Public Schools Seek responses from pairs regarding the
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