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CURS 4210 Lecture Notes - Children'S Book Council Of Australia, Lev Vygotsky

Course Code
CURS 4210
Carol Doyle- Jones

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September 10, 2012
"Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested
o Inkheart
Cereal box -> put self-portrait at the front, info a the sides, put five things important to you inside
"Have you filled a bucket?"
o Book
o "The Bucket Filler" (?)
"Oh, the Places you'll Go"
Look up prezi -> website
"Sing you Home"
o "Music is the language of memory" -> quote
Letter to yourself
o Kids write a letter to themselves on the first day of school - nobody reads them - teacher
puts them into a folder and hands it back to them at the last day of school
SQUIRT reading
o Silent, quiet, undisturbed, independent reading time
Using post-it notes to get kids' writing everywhere
Poetry corner
Every morning, learning a new word -> use it that entire day
o Continue to use it in conversations
Doing the bucket filler -> adding nice notes to each student; having little cups attached to the wall
-> sending notes to people
Passing around a roll of toilet paper, tell them to take one or many,
o Then when it's done, the number of squares they have is how many pieces of information
they have to share about themselves
Piaget's self talk -> talking when you don't know anyone is there
o Will alter their speech when they are caught
o Zone of proximal development
Kids learn a lot based on their existing schema
o Social learning is important on how we learn
More learning happens when you are with people
o Curriculum is scaffolded into the education documents from the ministry
You have to learn one thing in order to learn another (prerequisites)
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