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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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CURS 4210
Carol Doyle- Jones

November 5, 2012  Lemony Snicket's "13 Words" o Bird o Despondent o Cake o Dog o Busy o Convertible o Goat o Hat o Haberdashery o Scarlet o Panache o Mezzo-soprano Poem: Monday's despondent, Tuesday's a crime. Wednesday's are shortest, Thursday's not prime. Fridays we come to school, Though we didn't that one time And it was the best sleep I ever had In this semester of sublime.  Get to know students o Write about topics that matter to them o Develop their stamina for writing (how much time do you give you students just to write? o Talk about their writing (this provides a space for thinking/talking through ideas) o Have a clear vision (who is the audience?) o Have a rich writing life (how many opportunities to read and to write are there throughout the day?)  Writing doesn't have to happen solely during language arts  How do we help our students develop their craft? o Teaching writing to develop students' "sense of craft, genre and form that they use to write their own texts." o Write everyday. Read everyday. Create everyday. Talk about writing and reading… everyday.  Bookflix o Website with online books  "Scaredy Squirrel" by Mélanie Watt  Developmetnal Stages in Writing o Emergent  Using words and pictures -> if they can't spell a word, they can draw it, but the message is still clear -> a story is still being told o Early o Developing fluency  The Writing Process: Pre-Writing o Before writing, ask:  What's my topic?  What is my purpose?  What writing form/text will I choose?  What do I already know?  What information do I need?  What literary techniques  Hangman -> GOOD HOOK  Turn towards more technology means worse hand writing  Writing Strategies o Word of the day  Get a gold star if you u
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