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Lecture 8

CURS 4210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: The Giving Tree, Robert Munsch, Persuasive Writing

Course Code
CURS 4210
Carol Doyle- Jones

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November 12, 2012
"We Share Everything" - Robert Munsch
"The Giving Tree"
Writing and English language learners
o Effective strategies
Have students write in their own language
Develop ideas in their own language
Work with same language partners
Invite students to create dual-language texts
Provide multimodal opportunities
"The Black Book of Colours" - by Menena Cortin and Rosana Faria
The graduate release of responsibility
o Zone of actual development
Student can complete task independently
Not learning new information
Tasks build confidence, reinforce skill
Student responsibility
o Zone of proximal development
New learning occurs
Student completes task with help at first
Instruction level for reading and writing
Joint teacher/student responsibility
o Beyond the zone
Tasks too difficult for students on own and would produce frustration if attempted
Teacher responsibility
o High teacher support to low teacher support
Teacher modelling
Shared practice
Interactive practice
Guided practice
Independent practice
The Happy Clappy Spider
o The happy,o clappy spider, went out to see a play
Out came the actors, who forgot just what to say.
Everybody booed and they ran right off the stage,
But the happy, clappy spider with eight legs clapped away.
Scholar's Choice teacher shop -> buying instructional materials
A guided writing lesson - a model on persuasive writing
o What to look for and think about (see slides)
e-mailing parents - one thing her kid is doing well on; one thing he/she needs to improve on
Friday letters
o We Talk - about purpose and contents of a letter
o Modelling - create a letter template; brainstorm ideas; write a draft
o Shared Writing - brainstorm; number the ideas in order; drat the letter; read letter aloud
o Independent writing - students independently brainstorm, number ideas and write their
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