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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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CURS 4210
Carol Doyle- Jones

November 19, 2012  Responding to reading o Phonemic awareness  Awareness of sounds of syllabus o Phonics  Word walls  First letter is one colour; other letters are another colour  Learning to sound out words and letters -> early reading o Fluency  High frequency words -> the, of, is, etc. o Comprehension  Understanding  Ask them what it means  Literature cubes  How does the story relate to your life?  Did the solution to one problem cause another to occur?  Choose a problem in the story. How could this problem have been avoided?  What questions do you have about the story?  Predict how the story will end.  Which character can you relate to so far? Why?  Some key reading strategies in a reading program o What's missing here is the actual "reading"  Linking to something else -> poems, songs, etc.  No making meaning -> context Reader response  o What are some ways to respond to
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