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Lecture 3

CURS 4211U Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Reading Recovery

Course Code
CURS 4211U
Carol Doyle- Jones

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January 22, 2013
Setting up wikispaces for a classroom
o Set up group notes
Project outline - incorporate UNICEF, Free the Children, Red cross, etc.
o Mad libs - great way to teach grammar
o Dolch words - common sight words, mostly in the primary grades
Ideal grade groups
o How does writing assessment and evaluation fit into the description of your grade's
Language Arts program? How does digital technology fit in here? Plus, where do you see the
topics from this week weave into your program?
Mini reading recovery
Tracking reading
For writing
Weekly writing activity - assess based on what they write; if child's writing is
illegible, call student up and ask them to read out their own sentence to check if
they understood
Message of the day - ask students to edit!
o Think about the readings from this week; one or two parts of the comprehensive writing
program… describe a writing activity you might use in your classroom
Prompts - present a word, ask students to write five sentences about what they
think about that
All about me
Writing letters to classmates
Writing letters to santa
Journal entries
IUP due next week
Ideal classroom
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