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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Notes

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CURS 4211U
Carol Doyle- Jones

January 15, 2013  Writing a letter - 5 parts o Heading o Greeting o Body o Closing o Signature   How does writing fit into the description of your grade's Language Arts program? Will you incorporate writing activities throughout the year? What forms and genres of writing might you focus on? Will you integrate writing activities with other subjects? Can you provide an example of a writing activity? o Create a post office centre (there are envelopes)  Kids write to each other, to family members, to the teachers -> to anyone  It gets them practicing the letter writing process  Creativity is encouraged  Throughout the school - different holidays; Christmas, halloween o Learning to write stories - break down into different parts  Characters, setting, problem, solution, etc - only just beginning to learn how to write a story o All about me theme  What is my name?  Who is my family?  Etc… o Simple books  Robert Munsch  "Pinkalicious"  Franklin o Graphic organizers -> Who, What, When, Why
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