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Lecture 2

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CURS 4240U
Ann Le Sage

September 11, 2012  Math activity ideas o Wrote out hard question -> work in groups of four  Find out different ways to answer the question  Don't point out what way is wrong -> show constructive criticism  Gather on carpet in a circle o Projector -> had kids write out 'one', 'two' etc., and random numbers verbally  Helps with spelling numbers  Goes into math folder  Repeat if they spelt wrong  This is an error analysis  Though figure out why they were making these mistakes -> don't make them repeat again  73 -> not 703 for seventy-three , but kids would make that mistake  Don't assume that they know it  Ninety-six is 96, not 90-6  5-, 2-, 3- are all troublesome  Fifty (not fivety)  Twenty (not twoty)  Thirty (not threety)  So it's tricky for kids  The difference between place value and face value o 62 -> when they say 'six and two' -> face value  No understanding of how much that is for each digit  Just like when they say 4:31 is 'four dot dot three one' o Place value understanding is most important  Face value when they have no real understanding of what those numbers mean o 67 -> 60 + 7 o 18 -> 10 + 8  Kids need to see it broken up like this  It helps them understand place value  For algorithm (this is the No
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