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Lecture 4

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CURS 4240U
Ann Le Sage

September 25, 2012 Critique of Children’s Literature We chose to critique The Greedy Triangle, by Marilyn Burns, published in 1994. A picture of the book’s front cover is attached to the submission. Based on our responses in the General Reflective Checklist, this book has merit as defined by the numeracy criteria. It fulfills all criteria apart from the requirement to “integrate multiple math concepts or strands”. Because it only investigates shapes, it is slightly limited in its scope of math concepts, and only explores the sides and angles of various polygons, as well its application in the real world. However, it integrates correct and accurate math concepts and incites inquiry within its readers without becoming too complicated. When examining the book based on literacy criteria, The Greedy Triangle excels. It is creative and engaging, and stands alone as a story, while incorporating mathematical concepts. The main character, the triangle, has a distinctive personality, and the illustrations are colourful and bright so as to draw in the reader and hold his or her attention. The story follows the adventures of the triangle as he is di
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