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Lecture 2

EDUC 3441U Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Goal Setting, Construction Paper, Smart Board

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EDUC 3441U
Maria Labrakos

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January 19, 2013
Combien de mots pouvez-vous creer en utilisant les lettres dans
o l'apprentissage cooperatif
Vous avez 5 minutes sans internet et sans dictionnaire
Les presentations
La classe FLS
o l'organisation/l'environnement
Etre consceient des besoins de vos eleves et votre style comme professor
Visuals and colour
Les regles don’t etre visible toujours
Le respect, la responsibility (be on time, homework, actions and words)
Respect self, others and the school
Every rule branches out to those two: respect and responsibility
Groups of kids - easy to group into pairs, 4's, etc.
Reduce time pressures and constraints and invite learners to feel the freedom
to make mistakes
Encourage students to take risks
Create a positive climate - risk taking should be encouraged
Help students enjoy the language experience
Whether you have a classroom of your own or a cart
Colours make for a good environment
Construction paper between the panels of the window - makes a bulletin board
o Le gros defi (pas de salle)
French teachers might have to teach in 4 or 5 different classes; this is a reality in some
Be prepared to carry your work with you everywhere
Que pourrait-on fair dans une situation comme cela?
Think pair share
Carry materials through a cart
Remain organized
Charts with magnets
Easy to carry around
Ask homeroom teacher for a corner
Request a cart
Have something you can carry around for it - schools SHOULD have a budget
Have a French corner in the classroom as well
Go back to the position that it is for student success
Always have backup lessons - games on the go
Just in case a supply teacher is there, or in case students that work quickly need
something to do
Have reading material - short stories, magazines, comics in FRENCH
Ask for a section of the board for HOMEWORK
Put posters in the class
Always have little points or prizes with you, for classroom management
o La communication
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