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Lecture 3

EDUC 3441U Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Data Management, Linnean Society Of London, Petal

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EDUC 3441U
Maria Labrakos

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March 9, 2013
l'inclusion dans la classe de FLS
o Various school clubs
What is inclusive education?
o Based on the acceptance and inclusino of all students. Students see themselves reflected in
their curriculum their physical surroundings, and the broader environment, in which
diversity is honoured and all individuals respected
Continuer a implementer les attentes de la strategie de l'Ontario
Les activities et strategies de STAR (pour diversite et equite)
o Build a foundation where students feel like they belong
What can we do in our classrooms to ensure success?
o Respond to everyday bias and bigotry
o Foster and promote equity, diversity and inclusive education
Step 1 - creating a sense of belonging
Activity 1
Room __'s ROOTS - Post a map of the world and allow your students to
law down their roots by labelling where their ancestors are from. (Makes
for a great inclusive display)
Activity 2
Students will decorate a doll in clothing that resembles their ancestors
Puppet plays - French
Label parts of the body in French (different types of clothing)
Rubric on the PowerPoint
Activity 3
"All about Self" Flower
Students fill in each flower petal with something about themselves -
specific or general (ex. Skills, talents, etc.)
Step 2 - Celebrating our differences
Activity 1
"I am unique because…"
What makes each individual unique? How can we lead today's youth in
forming a sense of pride for who they are?
On rolled out brown paper --> I am unique because… -> each student
traced their hands and write down their differences
Don't have to put their name
Activity 2
Cultural coat of arms
Choose different categories (ex. "Je parle…/langues", "un
tradition", "mes ancetres", photos, etc.)
Makes them feel safe - shield = safe, inclusive classroom
If students know more about somebody, they're less inclined to
insult entire races, because they'd be afraid to link it to a particular
Step 3 - Be welcoming
Activity 1 - Barnyard activity
What does it mean to be on the outside?
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