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Lecture 7

EDUC 3510U Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Google Calendar

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EDUC 3510U
Paul Mc Guire

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November 6, 2012
Not "multi-tasking" but "sequential-tasking"
How to use technology in a good way
o Model good technological behaviour
o Walk around so that students would feel less enticed to use technology poorly
o Class setup so that screens are faced to the teacher
o Clear lesson objective -> so that students use it well
o Finished? What's next? -> make sure there is an activity to follow so that students won't
feel tempted to slack off
o Have a purpose when using technology
o Have a back up plan B when technology goes awry
These are also classroom management strategies
o Do something out of the ordinary half-way through the lesson to make sure students can
refocus on what you're doing -> you can incorporate physical activity
o Take a short break in between and ask students what they're working on -> progress
updates in between
o Homepage
About Me + picture
Description of what you can find on the website
Announcements, calendar, or link to calendar
Contact information, about section
Title and header
Article of something recent and important (… see more)
o Assignment page (homework)
Can use the calendar to do that -> can post assignments on the calendar
Can also post them on the announcements
Need an organized way to tell parents what is coming up
o UPDATE --> Google Calendar does that for you, you don't have to update it on the website
but just on the calendar
o Privacy and security
You can't post up student work and student pictures -> NOT SAFE -> parents will have
a cow
You have to think about how whatever you post up will impact students
Can control the access on pages -> give them passwords
o Digital citizenship -> CREATIVE COMMONS
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