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EDUC 3610 Lecture Notes - Truancy, Kirpan, Grievous Bodily Harm

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EDUC 3610
Nick Scarfo

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September 17, 2012
Were you pleased with the way discipline handled in your school?
o Very poorly
o Inadequate discipline for actions
o Zero tolerance
o The strap
2006-2007 was the last year of zero tolerance
o 112829 pupils suspended in Ontario in that one year
o 1889 students were expelled
o The number of suspensions issued was almost twice as high - 201,224
o Many students are suspended multiple times
o Suspensions for truancy -> punished for missing class
Made no sense
Are schools too quick to suspend?
o Some say principals act hastily in giving students the boot while frustrated Ontario
teachers struggling to keep order
Bill 212
o Replaces the current mandatory suspensions with a more discretionary model
o Instead of requiring a suspension to be imposed where a "mandatory suspension
infraction" has occurred, "CONSIDER" imposing a suspension
o Teachers can discipline actions on school PROPERTY and during school TIME
Now teachers can only discipline if the action has a direct link towards the classroom
and students' actions
o Adding "bullying" to the list of infractions for which suspension must be considered
o Removing the power of principals to expel and the power of teachers to suspend
o Requiring that a suspension shall be for no less than one school day and no more than 20
school days
o Extending the right to discipline to include actions that are off school property and outside
of school activities where the activity has an impact on the school climate
o Replacing the existing regime of mandatory suspensions and expulsions with a more
discretionary model
o Requiring schools to provide programs to suspended pupils and expelled pupils and
o Maintaining the status of expelled pupils as pupils of a school board so long as they are in
attendance in a program provided by the board
What are the mitigating factors that a school must take into account?
o The pupil does not have the ability to control his or her behaviour
o The pupil does not have the ability to understand the foreseeable consequences of his or
her behaviour
o The pupil's continuing presence in the school does not create an unacceptable risk to the
safety of any person
Case study
o How will the school discipline the students under zero tolerance?
Under zero tolerance -> suspend them all ; same punishment for everybody
No mitigating factors to worry about
Under mitigating factors - > peer mediation
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