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Lecture 1

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EDUC 3610
Nick Scarfo

August 27, 2012  Legislative Hierarchy o Education act o Regulations o Policies o School board politics and procedures  Anything lower on in the hierarchy cannot make decisions that are contradicted by higher levels  Contradictory issues o Bill 13 and its views on gay/straight alliances  Disapproved of by Catholic schools  Registers are important for funding o More students = more money o This also means more fraud, because some people put teachers' names to get more money  OSSR o Record from kindergarten until five years after high school o Held for fifty-five years  School board policies vs. school policies o Uniforms are school policies o School board only requires kids to dress 'appropriately', but not particular to specific uniforms  School board level policies are like PA-days and school schedules First Day Test 1. A teacher shall not receive a certificate of qualification and registration unless he/she has passed a qualifying test approved and administered by the minister. False 2. According to the safe schools act, discipline for infractions must be applied equally to all students without consideration for mitigating factors. False Bill 212 allows the principal to apply changes 3. Supervision is defined as critical watching – teachers who are not on duty on time, or stand together in a group discussion personal matters or events, are not supervising actively and providing critical watching. In the event of an accident they may be found negligent. True 4. A teacher shall be assigned classroom teaching time by the principal. True 5. The standard of care teachers must exercise in d
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