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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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EDUC 3610
Nick Scarfo

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November 11, 2012  Sabrina's law - > Bill 3 o Anaphylaxis policy for schools  First ever created  Every board shall establish and maintain an anaphylactic policy o The policy must address  Strategies that reduce the risk of exposure to anaphylactic causative agents in classrooms and common school area;  A communication plan  Regular training  Individual plans for anaphylactic pupils  Requests for information on life-threatening allergies at registration;  Maintaining a file for each anaphylactic pupil  No formal CPR training or first aid training for administering an epipen -> no real process for training  If a kid TELLS you they are having a reaction -> believe them o Very dangerous to administer epipen when they don't need it -> adrenaline (STILL CALL 911!)  Bill 3 - liability o Section c.7 s.3 (4)  Epipen use o Take off blue safety tab o Hold with firm grip  A list of food items you can introduce to newborns o If parents don't follow that list, kids may develop allergies later on in life Do you feel that parental involvement has a positive impact on student learning?  o Depends on HOW involved they are  What does parental involvement look like? o "parental involvement is a broad term and inclues such things as good parenting, helping with homework, serving on school councils and board committees, communicating and meeting with teachers and volunteering int eh classroom or on school trips"  Describe a situation which involved a parent at your school o Was it a positive or negative experience?  Be informed of parental complaints o Receive copies of letters from parents if placed in teacher
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