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Lecture 15

Lecture 15

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EDUC 3610
Nick Scarfo

November 14, 2012  Corporal punishment o Immediate compliance o Moral internalization o Aggression o Anti-social behaviour o Mental health o Adult abusive behaviour  Positive and safe climate -> to be promoted at schools - to make everyone feel welcomed  Progressive discipline -> BUMPS (looked at in classroom management)  What should I do and not do if a child comes to me with an allegation of child abuse? o Should  Assure them that they did the right thing by telling you  Record notes about the encounter afterward  Don't convict, or make judgment -> just make observations and report -> don't reason or deliberate -> don't probe either -> but you can say, "What do you mean?"  Just listen and take note of it objectively  Talk to VP or Principal  Listen supportively, objectively, and calmly  Get basic information in case you need to report (name, address, generally what happened)  Find out your board's child abuse allegation procedures  Consult with a principal or supervisor but remember the obligation to report to eh Children's Aid Society is yours  Remember that if you are in doubt, the welfare of the child is the decisive criterion o Should not  Don't promise to keep it
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