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EDUC 3750U Lecture Notes - Prezi, Sexual Maturity, Microsoft Powerpoint

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EDUC 3750U
Jennifer Laffier

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September 20, 2012
Class was missed -> FEVER :(
Javeria's Notes:
Next week 5 min presentation with your group:
"Brain Based Classroom Presentation"
Create a classroom from the future, money not an objective, 5 things within your presentation.
Demonstrate it through a skit, prezi, power point, as if you were pitching your brain based
classroom of the future.
"we're doing this because research said this"," we're doing this because the article said this."
We can not make the assumption that just because a child is matured sexually, they are cognitively as
well. that is not the case. We need to understand that kids don’t have the cognitive ability to be
emotional mature. Their level of emotional intelligence is not where they think it is.
Before you give privileges to a child make sure you give it to them based on their behaviour not
their appearance.
For girls, they mature early depending on their body fat, but for the boys, the skinnier they are the faster
they mature.
Brain Development
You have think of the negative in order to not do it. If you tell a child NOT to spill the milk, they
have to think about spilling it before they understand they are not supposed to spill it.
**make sure you do the readings for next week** it all has to do with the presentation next week
Early maturation
Sexual maturation:
Average age for girls 8-10
Average age for boys 10-12
Secular trend - early maturation for both boys/girls.
A girl has to reach at least 17% body fat before they begin to menstruate. Body fat produce leptin. The
more lepton, the more likely It'll jumpstart the protuatory gland.
There is also estrogen in the water. If there is a high population and poor water filtration then there's a
problem. More research needs to be done .
There's been a study that proves that milk is linked to sexual maturation.
Exposure to sexualized environments:
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