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Lecture 1

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EDUC 3750U
Jennifer Laffier

Lecture 1 - August 30, 2012  Children's book o "Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon" by Patty Lovell and David Patrow  Physical development -> self-esteem and self image  Social development -> self-image and self-esteem, emotional development and resiliency, peers o "Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deeds" by Emily  Activist learning -> teaching curriculum through social justice  Can be used to also teach math o "My Many Coloured Days" by Dr. Seuss  Emotional development  Emotional intelligence  Social development o "One" by Kathryn  Social development -> about bullying  Emotional development o "The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister"  Intelligence, problem-solving and creativity  Brain development  Idea of structure decreasing imagination and creativity  Social development -> parents filling kids with a lot of extra-curricular activities  Website assignment o There has to be a class activist learning project Film Response : Notes Tough Guise  Stereotypical definitions of men -> tough, strong, independent, respected o Otherwise, "wuss, wimp, fag, sissy" o Learned in families, communities, media that defines manhood connected to dominance and control  More pronounced in colour, because media hardly portrays them in a variety of ways  Latinos always portrayed as boxers  Asian men portrayed as martial arts criminals or assassins  Violent tendencies in masculinity is seen as a norm o More men do murder, assault, domestic violence, dating violence, child sexual abuse (for men or women), rape than women o Most batterers grew up in abusive households o Other males are usually the victims of male violence (more so than the 24% of women)  Men assault each other  Men put up a front -> guise in front of other men, but softies among women o Guise as a survival mechanism  Need to break monopoly of manhood definition  This video calls for the removal of male stereotypes of violence and guise because it creates dangerous statistics about violence that harms society o On the other hand, this male behaviour is not something among men, but also among male animals living in packs- > can it be argued that biology has an effect here? Killing Us Softly 3  Turning a human being into a thing is the first step towards violence against them  Women of colour treated as animals o Sexualized with animal clothes -> suggests that women are less than human  Women's bodies are disembodied in media -> one pa
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