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Lecture 7

EDUC 3750U Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Information Processing Theory, Cultural-Historical Psychology, Social Change

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EDUC 3750U
Jennifer Laffier

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November 8, 2012
Social development is how children develop socially
o How do kids become social human beings?
What skills do kids need?
o As teachers we have two goals : to teach curriculum and to teach social skills
Social and emotional development are key because kids' violence levels are going up, etc.
o It needs to be a mandatory course from JK-grade 8
o We need to do more in elementary school to promote it
There was before a trend towards 'being friends with kids'
o But now that doesn't seem to be working anymore
Theories and types f learning
o We already explored
Piaget's theory of cognitive development
Vygotsky's sociocultural theory of learning
Information processing theory of learning
o Now we will explore
Operant conditioning
Observational learning
Both passive
Cooperative learning
Experiential learning
Activist learning
Self-regulatory learning
All active hands-on
Each ten minute presentation must include
o Begin with a hook to the topic
o Include and activity to demonstrate the principles of the theory/type of learning
o Cover only the most relevant aspects for teaching
o Provide an example of how it is used in elementary classes
o Provide an example of how it could be used to promote social and emotional learning
o A closing summary or activity to test of knowledge/comprehension
o Car -> one person closes eyes -> other person guides them around room by holding onto
elbows - then increase speed
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