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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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EDUC 3750U
Jennifer Laffier

November 15, 2012  Richard Lavoie o ADHD is not a learning disability - it's a different way of learning o "The Motivation Breakthrough" o Everybody is motivated by something else o As teachers, we always teach to our own mbti score - we also give motivation according to what appeals to us  This is not the best way to go about it  "The things you do every day make a difference to the children you teach, even if you don't see it."  Learning theories o Experiential o Observational o Cooperative o Self-regulatory o Activist o Operational o Piaget o Vygotsky o Information processing  Activist learning project -> teaching curriculum through activist projects o Works especially for this new millennial generation -> they like to feel empowered o Don't put your own political agenda on these kids -> look for global and community issues  Field trip -> take kids to the agency to give stuff away -> makes kids feel like they contributed  The Motivation Breakthrough o Lack of motivation  Inadequate social and academic skills  Lack of interest  Difficulty understanding material o Most teachers don't understand motivation o Myths and misconceptions  "Nothing motivates that kid"  All human behaviour is motivated  "One day he's motivated, the next day, he's not"  Motivation happens all the time -> behaviour may change and performance and progress may change, but motivation is a constant  Performance inconsistency -> part of the profile of many kids; good and bad days, out of their control  Times when the clocks are in sync -> limited; and then it's out of balance again  The real test is what we do with kids on their good days -> we should celebrate these days, not hold it over their heads when they're having a bad day  "He's so lazy, he won't even try"  Learned helplessness -> looks just like lazy behaviour -> same symptoms  We're not good at differential diagnosis as teachers -> different problems even though the symptoms are the same  "Give the chain a tug"  We need to encourage kids to give the chain a tug -> need to encourage them to break their own boundaries and not limit themselves because of their own past failures  Elephant chained to the ground - helpless as a kid, but that doesn't mean it's helpless now  Rewards -> giving them reward for doing something good  2 assumptions-> one that behaviour is measurable  And two that they will be motivated by giving them things  But this only motivates short term  Just by saying that you will give them things for knowledge doesn't work -> if they don't know, they don't know  This is easy for us to do, but it doesn't work!  Punishment -> punishing a kid for bad behaviour  Does not eliminate behaviour, it only represses it  They will be more sneaky about it  It models aggression  It does not generalize -> not to other settings  Positive feedback does work -> "you're doing such a good job"  Punishment only works if the threat is still there  If the threat isn't there, they're not afraid  Competition  Abraham Maslow -> needs  In order for someone to be motivated, their needs must be met -  Primary needs  Tremendous impact -> need to be met to reach motivation hunger, thirst, air, rest, elimination of waste, escape from  pain  Recess is a RIGHT, not a privilege  "You cannot win"  Adolescence -> the fear of being embarrassed in front of others  At any moment, any kid would rather be viewed as bad rather than dumb  Secondary needs  Psychological needs people have -> things that motivate human beings  Status  Need to feel important and valued - degree to which your self concept is dictated by what other people think of you  Inquisitiveness  The need to know -  Different strokes diff
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