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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Notes

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EDUC 3800U
Jane Kiyonaga

January 14, 2013 Special Education is a very complex area. It is changing and evolving, as new research, realities and strategies become apparent. The Ministry of Education for Ontario has taken a strong leadership role in this aspect of education, ever since 1980, when the Education Amendment Act was passed – commonly known as Bill 82. You will encounter this bill and other special education policy and memoranda in this module. But basically, prior to Bill 82 there was no provision in law or education to allow children with special needs access to the curriculum or access to specific teaching and learning. All of that changed in the 1980s and has been gradually changing and improving since then. Source:Special Education: A Guide for Educators: gives more details. Since the field of Special Education is so broad, with full courses available on many topics, I have organized things into manageable chunks. We began in Week One by looking at the overarching philosophy of Inclusion, with it’s UDL and DI framework. You were asked to acquaint yourself with the
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