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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Notes

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EDUC 3800U
Jane Kiyonaga

February 4, 2013  Special education o Exceptionalities  Behaviour  Intellectual  Physical  Communication  Multiple exceptionalities o Autism spectrum disorder (communication) (ASD)  High functioning to low functioning children (cognitively and verbally)  Aspergers -> part of the spectrum  Impairment in social relatedness  Impairment in verbal and non-verbal language (body language) o Temple Grandin (movie)  Behaviour o Severe problem behaviours that some students display - tantrums, aggression, destructiveness and self-injurious behaviours o Behaviour used by the student to  Gain something  Make a change in the environment  Escape the environment o Need to understand WHY the student is doing what he/she is doing - the underlying purpose of the behaviour o Various factors may influence decisions about developing effective management strategies  Definitions of problem behaviour are variable Behaviour is student and situation dependent  o Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) o Effective support plan will  Focus on student  Include methods for teaching alternatives to the behaviour problems o Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) - systematic process designed to look beyond student behaviour and focus on identifying its function or purpose  Step 1: define targeted behaviours  Collect data through observation - use a scale  1: mild disruption to others sitting nearby  3: Moderate disruption to others within classroom
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