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Lecture 1

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EDUC 4380U
David Gray

Lecture 1 - August 28, 2012  What is classroom management? o THINK  Management of students and how they learn  Discipline, and making sure everyone is on task  Dealing with squabbles amongst students  Establishing rules of respect within the classroom (making sure everyone is listening when they should be  Studying child psychology in a way to determine how best to run a classroom  Studying Tribes, in a way, to make sure the kids get along  Problem-solving within the classroom o PAIR  Crowd control, discipline --> ethically and professionally  Both reward and punishment  What disciplinary actions are important  How to deal with issues appropriately o SHARE  Establishing routines  Behaviour expectations  Problem-solving within the classroom  Dealing with different types of behaviour --> appropriate disciplinary actions  Psychological aspects of behaviour  Physical location of classroom --> where people sit--> increase proximity between students so they feel included Put awkward students with those who are more suave to build confidence and help  them learn better  Letting students know what is expected of them  Maintaining a safe environment  Student ownership  Inclusiveness -> catering to multiple intelligences  Expectations based on respect  Accountability  Collaboration between students --> having them involved  Environment that stimulates kids to ask questions -> make them engaged, to be curious  Created by how you make lessons, make it exciting for them  Make them want to be there o Planning and the teacher's attitude  Planning  Routines  Need to think about everything that's going on in the classroom  How do you want them to do a particular activity?  Leaving the classroom can be chaotic if you don't do it right  Best method is to talk to students and ask how they want to be treated in the classroom  Get it in their own words --> make them choose the rules  Teacher attitude  Need to be consistent  Allow for diversity  Want students to be there  Take note of any classroom management strategies that associate teacher uses o To be used as source of debriefing o Was teacher on time? o Was classroom prepared? o Did she greet the students?  Authoritative o Teacher places limits but also encourages independence o Explains rules o Offers polite and firm reprimand o Open to verbal discussion, critical debates occur  "Perhaps I didn't do a good job in teaching." o Relating topic to everyday lives  When students bring technology to class o Make them keep their technology on top of the desk so you can see what they're doing with them o Theft can always be an issue o Issue of taking pictures of people and posti
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