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Lecture 2

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EDUC 4380U
David Gray

September 11, 2012  Take note of classroom management strategies that the associate teacher uses o Was teacher on time? o Was classroom prepared? o Did she greet the students?  Classroom management strategies o Kindergarten  Gradual entry  Rhymes and actions  Oositive examples of behaviour  Creative attention getters to make them quiet o Grade 1-2  Classroom input with behaviour  Rainstick for counting down  Transition countdown  Clear/active bathroom guidelines o Grade 4-5  Talk tot students with explanations for rules  Pick and choose battles with students  Eye contact and stern looks  "ladies and gentleman" -> treat them as role models in the school  In assemblies, give them the power  "If you think you are sitting next to a friend who will make you talk, please take five seconds to move"  Agenda feedback  A form in the agenda for the parents  Parents would have to initial o Other tips  Form in the agenda about how they felt about school  Students wrote about how lonely they were in recess  At school, teacher addressed the issue in a community circle -> gave them buddies for recess  As teachers, make a positive phone call home with their parents in September-> establish positive tone with parents early on in the year when they will be nice  Do this early so that parents will have more of a understanding of you early on and will not be upset  Make a log book of everything parents say  Helps for being accountable for what was said  Line up grade 8s and JKs and have the 8s clap as the JKs go past on the first day  Give students ownership -> they will take it to heart  Collaborative rule-making  Bell work  Question on the board that involves students to think -> to be done as students came in and put their backpacks and things away  Not to be marked, but to give structure and to give them something to do  Give students notice for what is coming up next  Put an agenda up on the board  For the last week, give them a peek of the next year's curriculum  Golden Time  Have a jar, and each time a student does something good, put a block in the jar  Once it's full, they get golden time  They get to pick what they get to do (Friday afternoon)  Watch a movie, go to the park, do art activities, etc.  Do an auction  Monopoly money  How to manage behaviour and how to manage money  Give a list of rules and what gives them money and what loses them money  At the end of a month, do an auction for prizes  Have two bankers who do the logs -> logs have to match up with the money they have  They can withdraw and bank  Teaches them how to manage money  They could do real estate -> buy a good desk  Use stapler, pencil sharpener, etc.  "Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire" -> BOOK  You have to think about all the tricks that students can use to get out of it  CANNOT put a student outside the classroom with their desk -> students need to be supervised at ALL times  "hands on top, that means stop"  Time out chair within the room  Fresh start everyday -> no hostility for the next day -? "You know what, Billy, tomorrow's a fresh start. Today's not a good day for you, but I know you can better, and I can't wait to see you try again tomorrow."  Every time someone came into class, you have to stand up and say, "Good morning, blah blah blah." "Good morning, class."  Earn your privileges?  Clean up song  Principal picks up kids from cars to make sure cars don't block up the driveway  Keep a behavioural log with children -> kids that stand out to see patterns in behaviour, see if spec. ed, or some kind of issue, or behavioural to take up with parents, etc.  Reflection paper o Incorporates observations and views (placement and otherwise) o Strengths in your skills of managements o Needs in your management skills o Submit it through 'assignments' on Blackboard  Do the question of the week o Respond to three, post three o Do that sheet that lists when you did it etc.  Case study o Not a group assignment anymore  Classroom management o Describe the importance of classroom management and its impact on academic learning time. Describe the differences in the approach to classroom management from a behavioural, cognitive and humanistic perspective. Name and descri
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