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Lecture 3

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EDUC 4380U
David Gray

September 18, 2012  What are the official duties of a teacher? (Education Act 1990) o I really hope this is posted o Generally all-encompassing  100 years ago? o A teacher's character was judged more than their ability to teach o Rewarded for being "perfect"  1915 (Wisconsin) o Cannot dye your hair, dress in bright colours -> addressed to women  Passive o Offer appreciative words o Celebrate milestones o Have other students praise that student o Don't single out the student o Pair them up or have them in groups o Place them in the company of outgoing students o Offer alternative options - written work instead of oral (record oral) o Graffiti exercise - > whiteboard, holding it up in a survey o Plan out what the question and answer is -> 'I'm going to ask you this" "What would you say to that?" o Allow student the right to pass o Give them "choices"  Aggressive o Classroom environment -> goes into the hallway; place him by the door so he could explode outside  Have a contract beforehand  Maybe have a designated spot -> give them an object to play with to distract them until they can bring their anger down  Make sure there is an adult with them when they explode outside of the class -> have some kind of a code word over the PA or something they could dispatch somebody -> kids always need to have supervision o Reward good behaviour and punish them for bad behaviour immediately o Contracts -> broken down as much as necessary  If they do something good for 15 minutes, they get something they like (blocks, computers, etc.)  Then extend to a half hour slot o Give them more responsibility within the classroom o Teacher needs to have an understanding of what is going to trigger the child's behaviour  For ADHD -> sounds can be triggers  Sometimes, it's lights -> maybe have reading corner with soft lights -> need calming effects  Blue -> incites anger  Orange -> incites calmness  Trickling fountains -> also incites calmness; aquariums  Also gives them something to stare at o Treat them as adults -> speak to them maturely  Attention problems o Have a refocus spot, chair with lamp o Allow for movement and breaks o Differentiated instruction  Different strategies to meet the same outcomes o Using signals to redirect their attention  Make a contract early  Is it okay if I put my hand on your shoulder to remind you? o Throw their interests into the lessons o Minimize noise o Board games -> SCRABBLE - for spelling and math o Memory aids -> give them visual images o Make up a name and say, "Can Benjy Anderson come to the office?"  This was a signal that there was going to be a fire drill  Teachers would go to special needs students and warn them  Perfectionist o Open-ended activity o Art o Countdown transitions o Measurement activities o Trust someone else o Sometimes they're afraid to make mistakes -> encourage them to make a mistake  As a teacher, make mistakes, and then go back and correct it, so that they know that it's okay o Performance goals -> if they're goal-oriented  Socially inept o Maybe child doesn't understand facial expressions -> pair them up and let them to mirror games  Say an action, and they both have to show you it -> angry; they have to make angry books o Read books, and in the middle, ask questions  What is Tim feeling right now? Why is he feeling like this? o Signs and emotion cards around the classroom o Pair them up so that they make friends, and are not alone  Have them already decide who they're going to play with that recess  Change it up every class, so that they play with somebody different every day  Teachers have to be very observant about the classroom dynamics o Relate messages about emotional feelings through literature  Classroom management theories o Self concept, cognitive, behaviouristic  Behaviourism o Rules need to be established on the very first day, and then maintained until it becomes routine o Keep it simple, so that kids understand them -> won't be hard to implement o Too many rules means too much classroom management and not enough teaching o Establish the consequences -> be consistent  Kids will figure out inconsistencies very quickly o Establish a way of delivering resources -> how to distribute paper, books, pencils o Determine physical layout of the classroom  Make sure entrances and exits are clear, that you can walk around and get to each student o Make l
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