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Lecture 5

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EDUC 4380U
David Gray

October 2, 2012  Basket 2 o Change in Student Behaviour  Teacher has to address issue immediately  Annie is being disrespectful in her group  Teacher put her in a group and made her stay in the group until the dynamics fell apart o How to respond  On day one, acknowledge the problem right away  Follow up with parents; see if anything has changed  If Annie does not respond, talk with her parents  Speak with her friends -> casually slip it in  Speak with siblings  Something might have happened with family, friends  Definitely don't let this go on for two weeks  If it's abuse, REPORT -> doesn't have to be severe; always report to CIS  You have to repot to child services, not to the principal -> but let the principal know  During placement -> go to AT to report it  Go to supply teacher if AT is not present  Notify VP or principal if this happens during placement  If nobody is there, make the call  If child doesn't make disclosure but has visible bruises, still have to make the call, if they don't usually have these kinds of injuries  Start document the child's behaviour Make classroom a safe environment, but let her know she has a responsibility and  duty to take part in the class  Give Annie alternative options  Give student the right to pass, but if disruptive behaviour persists, speak with her again  Common behaviours of students experiencing family violence o Physical abuse  Wary of adult contact  Apprehensive when other children cry  Afraid to go home (might make disclosure)  Destructive to self and others  Early to school or stays late  Cannot tolerate physical touch o Sexual abuse  Sudden drop in school performance  Usually infantile behaviour  Fearful of closed in spaces  Crying with no provocation  Poor peer relationships  Bizarre behaviour (hiding under desks, going into bathroom stall and not coming out) o Physical neglect  Begging or stealing food  Listless or sleepy  Frequently late or absent  Starts fights  Disclosure of nobody at home  Children cannot be left alone at home under the age of 12 o Emotional abuse  Habit disorders ( thumb or arm sucking, biting, rocking)  Conduct disorders (antisocial, destructive)  Neurotic traits (sleep disorders, inhibitions of play)  Behavioural extremes ( compliant, passive) o Witnessing parental assault  Birth to five years  Clingy, insomnia, fear of dark
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