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Health Assessment Session 4 Class Notes

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Health Science
HLSC 1201U
Elita P.

On­line Lecture: Subjective data: Health History Qs 4. Neck pain, limitation of motion 1. Headache 5. Lumps or swelling 2. Head injury 6. History of head/neck surgery 3. Dizziness Start by inspecting skull: - Note lumps, deformities, tenderness; palpate temporal artery, temporomandibular joint; inspect face: expression, involuntary movements, symmetry of movement (nerve VII); inspect neck ROM; inspect salivary glands, lymph nodes, thyroid - face innervated by: - crainial nerve VII facial nerve cranial nerve V trigeminal - both mixed nerves, motor+sensory functions - nerve V test: -motor clench teeth, try to push down on chin to separate jaws, clench teeth and palpate muscle strength - sensory: ask client to close eyes, touch forhead, face and chin w. cotton ball in 6 different places for sensation In­class Lecture: Mental status p. 27 (Week 3) Pain  P – Provocative, palliative Q – Quality R – Radiation, Regional S – Scale (0 no pain, 10 great pain) T – Timing U – What do U think it means?
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