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Lecture 8

HLSC 3710U Lecture 8: Tutorial 5 Discussion

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Health Science
HLSC 3710U
Milly Ryan- Harshman

Tutorial Five Group Assignment ** Group Members Names **: Arham Syed, Yousif Al Ali Title of Case Study: In groups of 4 to 5 prepare and be ready to present to the class answers to the following questions. Your answers will account for today’s tutorial participation marks. 1) Summary of case study. - 28- year old male with bacterial endocarditis - Needs replacement of his prosthetic heart valve - Abused intravenous drugs after first replacement - Medical team believes that replacing his heart valve again is pointless, and a waste of resources 2) What resources are required to solve the problem? - Hospital - Beds to stay in - Health care professionals (surgeons, nurses, cardiologists) - Medication - Heart valve 3) What is your group’s consensus to solving the problem? What did you consider to come to your conclusions? (Some things to consider: Ethical issues (e.g. distributive justice); Economic issues (e.g. cost control, efficiency); Medical issues (e.g. “medical necessity”); Social issues (e.g. values of the population in question); Empirical issues (e.g. which treatments are effective? How effective are they?) - Our consensus to solving the problem is that it is a debatable issue. The first time he got the prosthetic valve was due to bacteria entering the bloodstream. However, the second time it was due to him abusing intravenous drugs. It is debatable because drug abuse is related with poverty, gender, race and social status. We are not told whether he is poor or wealthy and so this makes it difficult to make a firm decision. We do not know if the physicians know of him taking intravenous drugs, because it was not mentioned that he was doing drugs the first time he was admitted. If they knew, then he should have received education or have been advised to go to preventative programs for drug abuse. The patient due to
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