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Lecture 7

HLSC 3710U Lecture 7: Tutorial 6

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Health Science
HLSC 3710U
Milly Ryan- Harshman

Tutorial Six Group Activity ** GROUP MEMBER NAMES **: Arham Syed, Mohsin Baig, Yousif Al Ali, Adam Gregni, Umer Javaid This tutorial is entirely devoted to discussion and preparation of what constitutes a proper proxy directive. After you are divided into small groups (no more than 5 members), appoint a note taker/recorder who will prepare your group’s proposed advance care plan or living will form after discussing the questions listed below. 1.) Your ethics lecture instructor has provided you with a blank copy of the standard form used by the state of Mississippi and it is the form she used to prepare her mother’s advance care plan. Based upon your reading of A Guide to Advance Care Planning, do you think this form covers all the basics? Why or why not? 2.) In Chapter 5 of the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics Living Will developed by Dr. Peter A. Singer, find the chart which allows you to specify your health care decisions based upon a number of possible health conditions. Do you think this chart is a useful way of addressing all potential circumstances for which you might desire to have a living will in place? • Yes, this is a good chart however; there are some aspects and treatments that are not covered like assisted death. Also some conditions that an individual might experience at the end of life are missing • The use of defibrillators and some of treatment options like anaesthesia are not mentioned, but it does cover most of what the elderly experience. • A living will is when you make decisions regarding your future health and personal care when you are capable, so that they be taken into effect when you are incapable of understanding certain treatment. Due to this, the table has covered a majority of the conditions, but can include more conditions like
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