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Health Assessment Session 7 Class Notes

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NURS 2320U
A.De La Rocha

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S. 6 Cardiovascular and PVS  Assessment Health and history: Age - Childhood onset: CAD (coronary artery disease), Mi, HTN (hypertension), CVA (cerebrovascular accident), AAA (stroke), CHF (congestive heart failure) - Untreated strep A throat infections – CVD, kidney disease Gender: - Female - Male Race – may predispose to higher risk of CVA, CAD, HTN, DM Chief complaints: - Chest pain - Syncope (dizziness > loss of consciousness) - Palpations - Peripheral edema - Claudication (pain) often with walking – narrowing arteries/blood supply to legs Past health history - Medical: cardiac specific: AAA, angina, CAD, CHF, HTN, Mi, PVD, hyperlipidemia Nocardiac specific Surgical interventions - - Prior cardiovascular - Family health history procedures - Assess for the following - Presence of risk factors diseases: aneurysm, CHF, CAD, Mi or sudden cardiac death, HTN, MVP, rheumatic fever Inspection: Heart and neck vessels - Colour - JVP - Capillary refill (apical pulse) Palpation: - - (APE To Man) - Erb’s point th - Aortic th Tricuspid valve (4 or 5 intercostal space) - Pulmonic - Mitral valve - Normal findings: no visible pulsations except for the PMI at the 5 th intercostal space mid-clavicular line (mitral valve area) - During palpation you want to note pulsations, thrills and heaves - Th
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