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Principles of Drug Administration

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5 Rights 1. Right patient: medication administration (MAR), call by name, ask them to state name, photo identification on MAR, Hollister sign, ID band/allergy band 2. Right medication: verify MAR matches physicians order if handwritten, generic vs trade name, formulary, unit-dose/stock/narcotic/controlled, CHECK EXPIERY DATE Precautions:  only administer meds YOU prepare  Never prepare from unmarked or illegible labels 3. Right dose: check calculations according to policy, use standard measurement devices, crushing/scoring tabs - check drug book there is no coating and it can be crushed *DO NOT CRUSH ENTERIC COATED OR SUSTAINED RELEASE 4. Right route: verify physician's orders, enteral (oral, sublingual -goes under tongue, buccal - placed in oral cavity slower than sublingual), topical (applied locally to skin or membrane or eye, ear, nose, respiratory tract, urinary tract, vagina, and rectum ), parenteral, KNOW MEASUREMENTS 1cc=1mL 5. Right time: check physician's order, medication that is time sensitive are given priority, all meds should be given within 30-60 before or after designated time, automatic time a. STAT- needed once immediately in life threatening emergency situations - 5 minutes or less b. ASAP- medication administered within 30 mins of writing order c. PRN - ask required by patient's condition d. Routine orders: carried our within 2 hours of writing order e. Standing order: written in advance of situation which is to be carried out under certain situations f. Automatic stop orders: drug orders will be reviewed by physician within specific time frame - determine to continue or drop medications  Narcotics - 72 hours  Antibiotics - 7 days  Enoxaparin - 6 doses  Levaquin IV converted to po after 3 doses 6. Right frequency 7. Right reason 8. Right site 3 checks of 5 rights  Check when removing medication from cart  Check when pouring/preparing  Check prior to administration Critical Thinking  Dr
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