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SOCI 1000U Lecture Notes - Consumerism, Caucasian Race, Sony Bmg

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SOCI 1000U
Timothy Macneill

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Feb 7th
- Usually to describe the level of economic wealth, although sometimes it can be cultural (high class / low class)
- 2 ways (to break up economic class)
Different levels of wealth along a continuum (something that is continuous, like income or the pouring of water)
Inequalities were natural
Putting caps and levels on class (low, low-middle, high)
Two distinct categories
Class is ones relationship to the ‘means of production’
Inequalities were bases on exploitation and subjugation
Proletariat (workers)
Bourgeoisie (owners)
- Economic/Class inequality exists between, and within countries and across countries
- The 85 richest people in the world own more than the poorest 3.5 billion
- In comparison of the wealth inequality in the U.S, Germany and Brazil, Germany is the most equal, holding 37.1% as
the wealthiest (via income)
- Canada would sit somewhere between the U.s and Germany
- In Canada, the top 20% earn 43% of the income, the bottom 205 earn 5.2%
- In many ways class, gender, and race all represent arbitrary categorizations along a continuum
- These are socially constructed categories

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-Race; based on physical difference
-Ethnicity; based on cultural identity
- Both are socially constructed categories arbitrarily dividing humans along a continuum
- Some say races are all derived from Negroid (black), Caucasoid (white) and Mongoloid (yellow)  this is also arbitrary
-Racism: the beliefs that inherent different traits in human racial groups can justify discrimination
-Ethnocentrism: making value judgements about another culture from perspectives of one’s own cultural system
- Dichotomous: Male or Female
- But now it’s a continuum
-Sex: a cultural categorization of diverse human physiology
-Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling has proposed that we replace our 2-sex system with a 5-sex system
1. Males
2. Females
3. Herms (true hermaphrodites)
4. Merms (male pseudo-hermaphrodites)
5. Ferms (female pseudo-hermaphrodites)
-Gender: a set od shared cultural understandings of how men, women, girls and boys should look and act
-Gender Roles: the pattern of behaviour that a society expects of males and females and that all members of a
society learn, to a greater or lesser extent, as a part of a socialization process
-Gender Socialization: the process by which people learn their culturally prescribed gender roles
-Gender Biological Determinists: they are structural Functionalists who see that gender roles are natural and
related to physical differences, which is wrong.
- Men are naturally more aggressive, violent, and physically suited to physical tasks- being the provider.
- Women, since they give birth, are more nurturing – the caregiver.
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