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Lecture 3

ADM 1101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Major Disaster, Civil Society

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ADM 1101
Kevin Petit- Frere

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Lecture Notes
Social Context of Business
The way that corporations deal with their relevant stakeholders is extremely important to success.
There are many different charts and ways to define the stakeholders of specific corporations, from
using charts, to using matrices. These techniques help businesses classify their relevant
stakeholders (which are different for every single corporation based on their industry), and
evaluates their power and importance to the corporation. The most important stakeholder
identification method identifies stakeholders based on: Salience, Urgency, Power, Legitimacy, or a
mixture of all of these characteristics. Corporations should put in efforts to identify and address
important stakeholder opinions and ideas. There are two main Civil Society Organizations that
businesses should be aware of. Those being the Media and NGOs. Both of these organizations have
different powers and aspects that could affect business operations, and their powers and desires
should be analyzed and dealt with by corporations.
Important Questions Lecture Notes
Who where the stakeholders
in the BP oil spill accident?
What were their impacts on
the corporation in terms of
power, salience, legitimacy,
and urgency?
What is a dormant
BP Oil Spill
Oil flowed for 87 days after the explosion
Environmental Damage to wildlife and
Major Disaster
NGO Environment Companies
Fishing Companies
Gas Price
Local Businesses
The Media
Stakeholder Identification
The degree to which priority is given to
The ability to get a firm to do something
that it would not otherwise do based on
force, threat, incentives, ect.
Perception or assumption that the
sections of an entity are desirable,
proper, and appropriate.
The degree to which a stakeholder’s
claim or relationship calls for immediate
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