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Lecture 7

ADM 1101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Deontological Ethics, Decision-Making, Whistleblower

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ADM 1101
Kevin Petit- Frere

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ADM 1101 - Lecture #7
Social Contexts of Business
Identifying an ethical issue:
Benefit some and harm others.
Affects the rights of some and denies the rights of others.
Some people are going to be better off making the decision.
Decision Making
1. Define the problem
Who benefits, who is harmed, whose rights are denied?
2. Identify alternatives
How else could you address the issue?
3. Evaluate the alternatives
How do you decide what you would do?
4. Make the decision
5. Implement the decision
6. Evaluate the decision
The most amount of good for the most amount of people
Act in a way that a similar decision would be reached by others.
Virtue ethics
Act in a way that is open, honest, truthful, and proud.
Value Judgements:
Subjective evaluations of what you consider important
Based on how managers feel about the goodness of the goal.
Moral Standards:
Based upon accepted behavior in society.
Ethical relativism.
Not a good way to view ethical issues.
Decision making
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