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Lecture 5

ADM 1300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: White Oak River, Jacksonville International Airport, Jekyll Island

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ADM 1300
Bernard Guite

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Camden Preserve Offers Opportunity for Developers
(NewsUSA) As the population nationwide grows and uncharted areas
are increasingly few and far between, those looking to purchase or develop land have fewer and fewer
options. Is developing new, high-quality land an American dream of the past?
Camden Preserve is one continuous 1,221-acre coastal community that is located in Camden County, Ga.
The community overlooks the White Oak River, approximately a 20-minute boat ride to the Atlantic
Ocean. Other local destinations, such as Sea Island and Jekyll Island, are within a short ride as well.
Despite trends, this preserve seems poised to offer new opportunities to interested developers.
The location is also just a 35-minute drive from the Jacksonville International Airport, which makes it
easy to get anywhere in the world. Brunswick, St. Simons and Savanna, Ga., are all just a short drive
Outdoor enthusiasts will find that the location is extremely appealing thanks to an abundunce of golfing,
boating, fishing and hunting spots. And for those who just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery,
there are miles of gorgeous marshfront. Simply put, the location truly offers something for everyone to
As of now, Camden Preserve is undergoing phase one of development. The developing company is Egret
Landing, LLC, which is managed by Zuckerman Homes, a Florida-based company specializing in
residential communities.
Additional land at Camden Preserve is already zoned, meaning that growth is imminent and
opportunities will come and go quickly. In fact, the federal and state government recently selected the
area as home to the new Interstate 95 interchange because of the predicted growth in the days ahead.
As one of the last pristine approved properties available in southern Coastal Georgia, it is a rare and
special place for those looking for new opportunities. The question is, how long will this opportunity
Developers interested in learning more should contact Zuckerman Homes via email at or by phone at (954) 481-3700.
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