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Lecture 1

ADM 1300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, Pilates

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ADM 1300
Bernard Guite

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Fitness Sauna Promotes Health and Profit for Small Businesses
(NewsUSA) Sponsored News Fitness, dance, MMA studios, spas and gyms looking for the
next big trend may start to heat things up with FitBomb’s new specialized fitness sauna. The
Studio Fitbomb far infrared sauna from Hi-Q Fitness is available for literally hundreds of
health and fitness centers after its successful debut placement in Cabana Spas.
“The addition of the Studio FitBomb far infrared sauna has already given us a huge boost in
client interest,” says Cabana Spas owner Glen Harrod. “We had enough interest from paying
customers that we may have nearly paid for the cost of the unit before it even arrived.”
The new patent-pending Studio FitBomb has many key features, including strategically-placed
“D” rings throughout the interior of the sauna that allows three customers to exercise
Think Hot-Yoga, Pilates, and flexibility training for dance students or Martial Arts or anaerobic
exercise with bands attached to “D” rings on the floor, the walls and the ceiling for building
muscle in an infrared-heated, healthy tool that fits three at a time. “With three clients for
every half-hour time slot, paying an average of $1 per minute, profits can build quickly,”
according to FitBomb inventor and author of “Heat Shock,” David Floyd.
“If you just charge half that price, you generate as much as $700 for each 8-hour day in the
Studio FitBomb,” says Floyd.
The benefits of the far infrared sauna include reducing the risk of injury by pre-heating your
body, and improving the ability of muscles to flex, move and stretch, making it an ideal
complement to any spa, gym or health and fitness facility. The heated system of the sauna is
proven and even the FDA accepted it for its powerful relief of pain and muscle soreness while
simultaneously detoxifying the body through sweat.
In addition, using a sauna such as the FitBomb can promote greater strength and fitness by
encouraging the release of human growth hormones and a muscle-building (heat shock)
The FitBomb infrared fitness saunas also feature a 36-screen TV so participants can watch
pre-recorded routines. You can watch and learn martial arts, dance, yoga, and almost any
exercise routine you can imagine with our proprietary instruction videos, activated by
FitBomb’s proprietary mobile application.
But the Studio FitBomb is designed for more than just fitness fanatics; the far infrared sauna
complements a spa setting, where it may be used as part of a program to detoxify the skin
and body, promote relaxation, and reduce stress. Every FitBomb is handicap-accessible, ADA-
compliant so anyone, regardless of age, physical handicap or injury now has access to the
FitBomb tools that help them achieve explosive health, fitness and therapy goals. Any
business lacking the available size requirements (the Studio measures 7′ by 9′ wide) can
achieve similar benefits using similar features in our smaller FitBomb varieties.
For more information about the Studio FitBomb, contact Hi-Q Fitness LLC at 888-589-7286. Or
visit our FitBomb distributor website at or contact sale[email protected]
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