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Lecture 9

ADM 1301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Product Design, Corporate Identity, Greenwashing

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ADM 1301
John Palmer

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Chapter 14
The Eviroet ad
Busiess Resposiilities
Defining Environmental Ethic and Sustainable Development
- Environmental ethic:
o The set of alues o piiples that goe a opoatios practices relating
to the environment
- Sustainable development:
o Development ensuring that the use of resources and the impact on the
environment today does not damage prospects for the use of resources or
the environment by future generations
- Business Sustainable Development:
o Adopting business strategies and activities that meet the needs of the
enterprise and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining, and
enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future
Natural Environment Issues
- Ozone depletion
- Global warming/climate changes
- Solid and hazardous wastes
- Freshwater quantity and quality
- Degradation of the marine
- Deforestation
- Land degradation
- Endangerment of biological
- Acid rain
- Air pollution
- Energy inefficiency
- Production of toxic substances
Goveret’s Ifluee
Government departments and agencies:
- Environment Canada
- Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment
- National Roundtable of the Environment and the Economy
- Canadian Environmental Assessment Act Agency
Responses by Government
Responses of Governments in Canada
- Canadian Environmental Protection Act (Federal government)
- Air Quality Legislation (Provincial Governments)
- Water Quality Legislation (Federal Government)
- Land-Related Legislation
- Kyoto Protocol
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